Quest Fighter

Graphic adventure characters wreak havoc on each other



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Quest Fighter is a 2D fighting game starring some of the most popular graphic adventure characters of all time. We're talking about characters like Indiana Jones, Guybrush Threepwood, Roger Wilco, and Larry himself.

Each character has their own unique moves that include four special attacks, like Indiana Jones' whip, Guybrush's punch, or the Purple Tentacle's bite (Day of the Tentacle).

You can play Quest Fighter in single player mode (against the computer with three difficulty levels), or against another player (using the same keyboard).

The graphics are especially excellent because both the characters and levels are taken from their original games. Some of them are very emblematic and will make you shed a tear out of nostalgia.

Quest Fighter isn't the best fighting game, but it does brings back more memories than most other free independent games.
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